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Costa Rica is a wonderful place to live and visit. While its lifestyle offers many advantages, there are some considerations to take into account when living and doing business here, or even when just visiting. Starting by having at your service someone with nineteen years of experience in relocating and life coach businesses is such a consideration. RoadMap is located in San Isidro "centro" with collaborators all over the country - very convenient for attending to your needs and helping you have a stress-free stay.



What we can do to assist you:


Pick-up and drop off at the airport with your first and last night in a nice bed and breakfast


Objective assessment of your situation and project


Introductory meeting to San Isidro and « Tico culture »


Spanish language learning

Personalized assistance to face unexpected challenges in the process of transition


Personalized tours to discover Costa Rica, including for the physically challenged traveler.


Utility payments


Payroll - salaries, wages, social security and labor risk


Planilla presentation (for employees and construction workers. CAJA and INS)


Accident report at INS


Meeting with employees to explain/carry out your instruction


Payment of different insurances - cars, house, employee, health


Payment of property, luxury and corporation taxes


Property declaration


Accounting services


Certification of financial statements for Immigration department or banks


Contract obligations


Closings and settlements of property purchase and sale


Residency paper work and presentation at the migration


Employee training


Local investment


Other customized solution


Some benefits to use our services:


More relaxed, less stress

Better decision making as a result

More time to visit

Focused energy onto your priorities

Positive attitude

Relieving burnout for newbies

Greater Achievement

A sense of accomplishment


Specialized in:


• Anxiety control, for instance, trying to meet month’s end, addressing unexpected events, or addressing feelings of depression – when a sense of hopelessness can overwhelm - or just seeming to be slow to get back on your feet.

• Fibromyalgia – often people with a perfectionist profile, a self-pusher, wanting to fit one more thing in, and so on.

Since our service is personalized to the need of each client, don't hesitate to communicate with us to determine the best way for us to assist you.

See you or talk to you soon!

Monique Chabot, Coach
To assist people with life challenges for expats and visitors

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Costa Rica

A renewed love

for Pérez Zeledón

I found myself back in Canada, Montreal, during last summer for a period of two months, the best since 1955 according to statistics, the year of my birth. 

To see family members, meet the newborns and friends after a four-year absence was a joy expressed by love, laughter, friendship and deep feelings long forgotten. Music filled my ears with sweet melodies at outdoor concerts with family members and listening to the flow of the St. Lawrence River while walking on the shore with a special friend. People were walking and talking on the famed Saint-Denis street, stopping at one of its many terraces to enjoy a good meal with a spiritual sister, visiting the old port of Montreal and going to Crystal Lake accompanied by a niece, where I spent many of my summer’s childhood. It was a delightful journey, but ... something was missing.

Recent years have been strewn with some difficulties; the death of a loved one, health and business in decline, landslides, and a move "forced" by Mother Nature in 2010. To return to my old activities was simply impossible. These events were felt and my perception of life had changed. Not knowing how to deal with these new feelings, a desire to leave Costa Rica was a strong call that I was able to answer with a fund to which I had access earlier than expected. I experienced two months of achievement in my country of birth in every way, but then again ... something was missing.

I returned to Costa Rica at the end of August late in the evening with my overloaded luggage: baby clothes for the first grandson of a Costa Rican friend. There were also fond memories of family and friends, new skills and ideas as a result of meetings with professional coaches in Montreal in different areas and with renewed energy to resume my solo business entrepreneurship. However, somewhat concerned about leaving all these loved ones and memories in Canada, I was expecting the presence of feelings of emptiness. I was wrong. Eduardo, a Costa Rican friend waiting for me at the airport with his van, plus a warm welcome by my very dear friend Ginette from Casa Laurin B & B has made all the difference in my return to Costa Rica. And what about the morning sun as an alarm clock? There's no brilliance like the one created by the morning sun in Costa Rica - most of the year - to put a smile on your face and a nourishing balm on your whole body. Gosh I missed it!

The next afternoon I took the bus back to Pérez Zeledón, to go home. Yes, at home, in my adopted country. The term "life in the tropics is one of a kind" is not just a slogan made by real estate agents, it is a reality, a reality that is not for everyone I must say but certainly an experience to try if you feel attracted. In my case, Costa Rica drew me to its land. Introduced by a couple during an empowered vacation trip in March 1992, I felt like I was coming home. It was my first trip to the tropics, did not speak Spanish, nor English and with a good job waiting for me in Canada, my attraction was from another era that was unknown to me but not to my soul. However, I felt at home and knew that someday I would be back. Little did I know that this would occur in less than six months!

Back to the present time. My experiences of the past three years have taught me that we cannot take things for granted, or anything else in life for that matter, something we tend to forget.

My trip to Canada was an opportunity to "recharge my batteries," to take a break, to hire professional coaches and make new business contacts. This free time allowed me to realize that there is no shame in asking for help, or having to temporarily withdraw from daily activities, or even to go away for a while if necessary. We come back refreshed, with new ideas and energy to better cope with the challenges that life will not stop offering us. The experts are there to teach us new paths and different ways to look at life. The biggest trap is to come back and do the same thing our old self was accustomed doing, but – “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ”Albert Einstein. Therefore applying what we have learned will make the difference.

As a bonus, I renewed my love for Pérez Zeledón and Costa Rica. How could it not be the case when more than a dozen people in one day tell you - ¡Hola Monique!, hace tiempo que no te había visto! ¿Que tal?, ¡Bienvenida de vuelta a casa!, Hey, we missed you! - and what about my afternoon walk with my dog in the middle of the city where I could see the wonderful creation of these bees? 

Yes, I'm back home in Costa Rica, a place where I have the opportunity to reinvent myself. And as we say, life is a journey, to live fully and being unafraid to make mistakes because “the person who has not made a mistake has not fully lived”, something I have read somewhere. And as Leslie Poles Hartley says “The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.” So “watch me fly now” as a famous signer, Barbra Streisand, sings in one of her movie. Change is in the air and I do hope that each one of us will take at heart to fly high to spread our creative wings ... over Pérez Zeledón!

Monique Chabot
Personal Growth Consultant to Inner Peace
506 8886-6984 0 506 2203-3038

Monique Chabot, Facilitator
To assist people with life challenges for expats and visitors
Available for individual/group sessions and personalized assistance.

506 8886-6984 0 506 2203-3038 • Costa Rica

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