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Helping you become co-creator of a peaceful and loving world, actualizing your full potential and life purpose: to customize yourself to meet your unique individual.

People are the foundation of a society. As such, the responsibility to work for peace and harmony is ours. Therefore we must master some things for ourselves. We will find our inner peace; prospering, mastering our own lives by accepting the power to change, living in the present moment. We will become transparent and humble enough to realize that we become stronger by sharing our love, knowledge and talents. Yet the discovery of who we are will also be determined by the choices we make. What does our identity reveal - someone reactive or proactive? A victim complaining of this or that, or a leader busy creating the change they would like to see take place in the world and in their own life? It is up to us.

  Open the gate...                                                Providala


Have you ever thought about what you would do if you were not taken aback by all kinds of irrational fear, an emotional or physical addiction, recurrent anger or depression episodes, chronic pain? Where would you go? Begin NOW to remove the barriers that prevent you becoming what you always dreamed of!

As Susan M. Morgan said, it is now time for me to "overflow the principles I have learned onto others," after being at the forefront of personal development for nearly 30 years as a seeker, teacher, author, public speaker, workshop leader, and business owner. Write, or call me to learn more about my special offers to work together toward the opening of doors to self-empowerment journey:

• Individual session

• Self-teaching support via Skype

• Personal 48 hour special treat

• To Create Your Life Map

• Prosperity of the Self

• Group workshops


Benefits from personal development training with Mülélé:

  • Better control of your life in general
  • A life plan serving as a compass
  • Better control of contingencies
  • Less stress
  • More Clarity
  • Avoid wasting time
  • Self-confidence
  • Moments of well being be rising
  • Improved health status
  • Better relationships with oneself and others
  • Obtain tools to meet life's challenges
  • Inner peace

My goal is to create a partnership with you aiming at building more successful lives - to find your unique essence. Since I offer personalized assistance, don't hesitate to communicate with me for an initial assessment of your needs.

See you or talk to you soon!

Monique Chabot
Personal Growth Consultant to Self-Realization

I now invite you to read what clients have said about their experience working with Mülélé, Personal Development System:

Fear, Arachnophobia
"Monique has helped me overcome my Arachnophobia. I had visits from several Tarantulas or Pica Caballos over a few nights and was having trouble sleeping, imagining one in my bedroom. After one session, via a Skype video call no less, with Monique I was able to sleep soundly and to deal with future visitors by sweeping them out of the house, I could not do that before for fear they would run up the broom and "get" me. I even found a very large tarantula, fortunately for me, dead, and was able to sweep him outside without that horrible, irrational feeling of dread that he might wake up and jump on me. I even managed to feel sorry for him.

So, Thank you Monique. Your therapy works and I am very grateful to you. Best regards,
Dale Watson

I chose to take advantage of Monique's 24 hour package, and I was so pleased with the results. We spent a lot of time working together, and I found Monique's attention and input so valuable. And the results from our sessions were even more so. I appreciated her knowledge, her skill in doing the EFT work, and then teaching me how I could use this technique at home on my own.

I was impressed with the work we did together over those two days, and then even more so as I could see more evidence of the results over the following days. I continue to use these techniques now on my own, and appreciate having this new and valuable tool to add to my own tool box on how to assist myself.

In gratitude and appreciation to Monique for her skill and her lessons taught. Jannette

Personal development and weight loss
I met Monique at the store by chance, while looking for a weight loss drug. I connected with her and we started with her therapy. The truth is that I not only succeeded in losing weight, but I also understood that there were many emotional "cracks" in my life. She taught me great techniques with which I can now better control impulses and malaises and aches, sometimes inexplicable and sometimes that I did not understand the reasons, but they have much to do with my emotions.

To build my “Providala” has been a delightful and stimulating experience, every step brought me to understand and bound different stages of my personal growth. Certainly every one of my visualization are important aspects for strenghtening my individual and integral capacity. It seems impossible but with Monique support and even before the begin of the new year I was working on some of them.

Monique thank you for your time and for each thing you thought me, my life has improved greatly, not only have I lost weight, but I quit smoking, manage stress better. Plus, in the process I could make some very valuable decision for my life without fear or guilt, working as a chain of event in a positive way, and without realizing it in many other areas of my life. Andrea Brenes G., 28 años

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Personal Growth Consultant to Inner Peace

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